Spread Aloha Not Plastic (Rustic)

  • Microplastic art of a heart. 
  • Made 100% of microplastics cleaned from Kahuku Beach, O'ahu.
  • Rustic wood shadow box frame; made of wood and glass.
  • Product Dimensions: 10.2 x 4.92 x 8.5


*More about this piece

Spread Aloha Not Plastic!

Every piece in this heart-shaped artwork tells a story of dedication and care for our beautiful island home. Crafted from microplastics collected during our beach cleanups at Kahuku Beach, each heart symbolizes both the problem and the solution. Every fragment represents the persistent spread of toxic plastics that threaten our oceans and marine life.

Through this art collection, we aim to raise awareness about the urgent need to protect our environment. It’s a call to action for everyone in Hawaii and beyond to embody the true spirit of Aloha. By spreading love, kindness, and respect for our natural surroundings, we can combat the invasion of harmful plastics. Let’s come together to cherish and protect our paradise, ensuring that we spread Aloha, NOT plastic!